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I have been asked by a reader about the proofs of my paradigms.  Part of the proof lies in my scholarship: my honesty, the dependability of my resources, and the quality of my reasoning and precision in use of language.  As my observations and application of some others’ research is ground-breaking, the reader may want to consult those sources; my work is fully footnoted and my book contains a bibliography and index. My paradigm is scientific and some of my results are being replicated in the research of others. I offer new and scientific definitions of such inadequately understood patterns of behaviour as schizophrenia and schizophreniform illnesses and dyslexic syndrome. I show that they are phases on a continuous spectrum of middle and inner ear function and dysfunction that supports or fails to support the dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain.

My work meshes seamlessly with the scientific discoveries of Tomatis (but not of his psychiatric speculations) and with the work of Dr. Guy Bérard. I have opened the door to further accurate calibration of mental conditions as audio-processing deficits that can be healed, just as Dr. Guy Bérard recognized the degrees of depression from the “2-8” kHz down to the “1-8” kHz profile and healed over 97% of his depressed patients, including most of those who were suicidal, with filtered high-frequency sound. I have shown that one of the most severe forms of ear malfunction that can be caused by various kinds of assaults on the ear— schizophrenia—can be healed with high-frequency music.  This blog is your opportunity to question me about my work.

You will find I offer many different kinds of proof of my paradigm. Here are some of them:

(1) my observations of our son over his lifetime, including his dyslexia and remarkable healing from that supposedly incurable condition that ties in with a very great deal of existing research and reporting of successful healing by means of the Tomatis Method and Bérard AIT. The healing of three members of my family from chronic fatigue syndrome all of whom relapsed to some extent and recovered again using music apart from the Tomatis Method.

(2) my observations of aspects of Daniel’s behaviour during psychosis that no one could explain to me and my finding a neurological explanation for my observations that fits with, corrects, and expands medical science.

(3) my learning to titrate and lower his medication over the first three years of his schizophrenia, then, finding my learning about reduced medication for Daniel was confirmed in research  done later by doctors of conscience in a Vancouver hospital who found against the higher dosages of Risperdal recommended by the manufacturer and recommended much lower doses be used. That research study later was suppressed on-line.

(4) Daniel’s feeling that being psychotic was the same as being dyslexic. Daniel’s reaching out for a treatment similar to the one that healed his dyslexia in a successful effort to heal his schizophrenia. Two of Daniel’s healings from months-long episodes of schizophrenia prove my theory and prove the means of healing based on that theory.  I show how the array of dyslexic syndrome symptoms are minor versions of the extreme symptoms of schizophrenia.

(5) discovering and correcting Dr. Tomatis’s error about volition being operative in autism and adult mental illness; using his science joined to my unique observations to show volition is physiologically impossible in psychosis.

(6) analyzing Daniel’s language patterns in psychosis and showing how they reflect the activity of the two halves of his brain at low integration and become more rational with improved integration.

(7) showing that his artwork not only records improved levels of cerebral integration over the 11 months of his recovery in 2008 but that it parallels the normal maturation process of increasing left-brain dominance in normal children.

(8) refuting the leading theory of schizophrenia offered by top psychiatrists in the UK by showing not only its inadequacy but the flaws in their thinking.

(9) critiquing the neurological explanations of audiologists who do not understand the concept of cerebral dominance; and showing their studies reveal ignorance of aspects of the neurology affected by the ears.

(10) connecting the instances of healing with music during thousands of years of human history to a scientific explanation of relationships between the ear, music, and mood.

(11) showing the flaws in the thinking and the flaws and limitations in the research of a number of doctors of psychiatry, psychology, or neurology who have published their fallacious theories of memory, states of consciousness, causes of schizophrenia, etc.

(12)  my diagram of the function of the eyes during the right-brain phase of alternating dominance that explains visual hallucinations  (in Hemispheric Integration and the Ears) would persuade most nay-sayers of the validity of my paradigm.

You can assess the paradigm for yourself in any of my publications at:

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  1. Sev Ulker says:

    Hello, I am a 37 year old female CFS sufferer for 20 years. I have been on anti depressants for last 15 years as there is no direct treatment for CFS. I am continually looking for new treatment options and so far I haven’t found something that really works.
    This leaves a person with limited choices but to seek alternative treatment options.
    The only way to find out if an alternative treatment can work, is to try it.
    I really do want to try the music stimulation healing methods you used on Daniel.
    I am constrained by limited funds so I really do have to be careful about how I invest my limited funds. I hope you can give me some guidance on how I should go about it.
    looking forward to your reply.

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