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Listening for the Light : a New Perspective on Integration Disorder in Dyslexic Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Bipolarity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Substance Abuse

Introduction (pp. 9-10)

Dyslexic Syndrome and a Strategy for Healing

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 tell a story of learning, discovery, and healing. I brought considerable academic and professional experience to Daniel’s foundational problem, which was dyslexic syndrome. Having been raised by a research scientist, I was made aware early in my life that observation need not be restricted to the laboratory. Just as Jean Piaget turned his powers of observation upon his own children and observed patterns in the developmental stages of their cognitive maturation, many of us may bring our learning to our observations of our children and others around us. My academic and professional experience proved to be germane to the problems I was observing in our family and to the discoveries I made.

To those who raise children, who care about children, and who want to understand better the world of the child whose listening skills are developing in ways that lead to confusion, learning problems, and anti-social behaviour, Daniel’s story will be of interest. I have met a great many educators whose interest in the children they teach and whose schools they administer made them knowledgeable and insightful about the learning problems children bring with them to the classroom. The fact that research has not brought answers to important questions in pedagogy does not diminish the value of the determined efforts of educators to do the best they can for learning disabled children. These are the educators who will be prepared to lend an ear to a story that may change their perceptions of their students with learning disabilities and lead them to make important changes in their teaching strategies, especially in regard to children’s listening activities.

Our son Daniel was cured of all of his symptoms of dyslexic syndrome through sound stimulation at The Listening Centre. Daniel was an unusual client for The Listening Centre, although none of us realized he was at the time of his exposure to the Electronic Ear® and consequent healing from the symptoms of dyslexic syndrome. He had become addicted to alcohol and drugs, a disclosure that began to emerge just before the listening intervention. I was not sufficiently informed about addictions and about the drugs he was using to realize he had come to a precipice. In retrospect, it is well I did not; otherwise Daniel might have been deprived of a healing that provided a foundation for recovery from his psychotic episodes and from his addictions, and for a more rewarding life—or for life at all.

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