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Northern Light Books is a small, independent Canadian publisher that produces books on social issues of concern to everyone.


Our first title Listening for the Light  details Laurna Tallman's discovery about how and why the brain functions in particular ways in mental illness and in mental health. The behavioural science in that odyssey of discovery is condensed in the briefer monograph for professionals Hemispheric Integration and the Ears . The author's study of ear-related symptoms in psychoactive drug withdrawal syndrome is Ear Function in SSRI Withdrawal


Awakening Normal, How Focused Listening to Music Heals Mental Illness -- A NEUROLOGICAL PARADIGM

Written as a concise summary of her discoveries in language easy to understand, Awakening Normal describes the illnesses in Laurna’s family that, first, were treated successfully with the Tomatis Method, but rebounded soon afterward. Through her son's subsequent very severe schizophrenia she noticed symptoms that no one could explain. When Daniel reached out for music she tried an innovative technique, focusing gently amplified music only on his right ear, which allowed her to come to particular conclusions as she learned more about the anatomy of the ear and the neurology of hearing. When Daniel's healing in 2008 proceeded through a spectrum of discrete forms of mental illness, Laurna discovered that the right ear controls the sound energy reaching the left-brain and audiological deficits in the right ear produce that spectrum of behavioural disorders. An astonishing cascade of discoveries about human behaviour, normal as well as aberrant, emerged from the simple facts of how the right ear drives the dominance of the left half of the brain in the integrative activities of the cerebral hemispheres — "The Tallman Paradigm." 

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