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Listening for the Light: A New Perspective on Integration Disorder in Dyslexic Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Bipolarity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Substance Abuse

Laurna Tallman



Listening for the Light is a story of tragedy and triumph written for parents, teachers, psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, and other professionals concerned with dyslexic syndrome, schizophrenia, or with any other condition related to laterality, especially but not limited to those mentioned in the subtitle.

Listening for the Light is the story of a mother's struggle to understand and find help for a child diagnosed, first, as dyslexic and, next, as schizophrenic. When the author applies two hours daily of focused listening -- by his right ear -- to high-frequency music (inspired by the Tomatis Method) and discovers it is healing her son's schizophrenic symptoms, she studies to learn why and takes a quantum leap forward as she finds she has unlocked the mystery of mental illness and of mental health more generally.

The Tallman Paradigm is a theoretical, neurological framework for behaviour that builds on and extends the work of Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Alfred A. Tomatis, and Guy Berard. And it is simple enough to teach to a child: we have two brains and the left one has to dominate the right one or the person is in mental trouble. That dominance of the left hemisphere of the brain depends on the functional ability of the right ear to process sounds of high frequency. It is essential to the normal integration of the two halves of the brain. Much of the author's supportive research is reserved for the notes to maintain the drama of the narrative.

450 pages. soft cover. Illustrations, diagrams, notes, bibliography, appendices, index.

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