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Co-owner of Northern Light Books. Originator of the Tallman Paradigm of right-ear-driven left cerebral dominance in the integrative processes of the cerebral hemispheres. Author and speaker.

The Tallman Paradigm, CBT, and Focused Listening Music Therapy

Here is the revolution psychology has been waiting for in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The neurology of right-ear-driven left-brain dominance (Tallman Paradigm) that explains fundamental aspects of human behavior, whether normal or aberrant, can be corrected and fine-tuned with focused … Continue reading

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How to Protect Your Ears

Knowing what can harm the ear is the first step in prevention and maintaining a healthy pair of ears. Damage to the ear can come from: 1. Objects forced into the ear canal. One thinks first about children putting small … Continue reading

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Self-control from autism to eating

Thanks for your interesting questions about the role of the ear in autism and in eating at The question of what causes weight gains and losses is complex; the degree to which choice is involved and how choice depends … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mental Health through Music

Lively discussions about the¬†paradigm of mental health and mental illness proposed in our first book, Listening for the Light: A New Perspective on Hemispheric Integration, both face to face and online, have led me to open this conversation about the … Continue reading

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