The Tallman Paradigm, CBT, and Focused Listening Music Therapy

Here is the revolution psychology has been waiting for in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The neurology of right-ear-driven left-brain dominance (Tallman Paradigm) that explains fundamental aspects of human behavior, whether normal or aberrant, can be corrected and fine-tuned with focused listening music therapy. This essay is directed to psychologists and other practitioners using CBT, who will find it useful to pair focused listening with their present CBT approaches.

Whether as one-on-one talking therapy, group therapy, or written materials designed to elicit written responses, CBT works with the language communications networks in the brain. Animal studies are designed to elicit physical responses rewarded by food pellets. Human studies are designed to elicit positive emotional responses to complex changes in self-destructive and socially problematical behavior. Unknown to most psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians is the fact that human language communication networks are controlled primarily by the right ear. The new CBT tab offers a brief and simplified description of my discoveries pertaining to the etiology of normal and aberrant behavior in neurology controlled by audition.

About Laurna

Co-owner of Northern Light Books. Originator of the Tallman Paradigm of right-ear-driven left cerebral dominance in the integrative processes of the cerebral hemispheres. Author and speaker.
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4 Responses to The Tallman Paradigm, CBT, and Focused Listening Music Therapy

  1. Laurna says:

    Hi, Steve, Thank you! I am thrilled to learn what you are accomplishing. You and Daniel make two. But several other people in you age bracket and with many of your experiences are launching focused listening programs. You are the explorers on an extremely important frontier. Stay in touch! We want to know how focused listening is working for you! Best wishes,

  2. Laurna says:

    Hi Laurna : Wow you have really achieved something here. If I may say so, we were just bumbling around in the dark but I’m sure now there is at least one other person (or two) on our path.

  3. Jenny says:

    How do I get started?
    My son has been in hospital for 9 months on heavy drugs, this all happened after a flight and a blow to the head. He also has autism.

    • Laurna says:

      Hello, Jenny,
      You could start by reading Awakening Normal, which is a brief summary of my discoveries that includes instructions on focused listening and how it works. I will email you with further information about other materials and people who are using focused listening.

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