Chronic Fatigue (Fibromyalgia)

The Director of The Listening Centre said a Tomatis Method listening program would help my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, also called “fibromyalgia” or “myalgicencephalitis”). I had thoroughly researched our “incurable” disease. I assumed that, like most people I met, he did not comprehend my disability—although his account in When Listening Comes Alive of the limp monks Dr. Tomatis had returned to health through chanting and listening to The Electronic Ear® had caught my attention.

While Daniel was being healed of ADD, I listened to a parallel program. It was pleasant and oddly unmusical as the filtering of frequencies left only the higher ones. During less than seven hours of listening I did not notice anything in particular happening to me. Suddenly, halfway through my fourth session, I felt as though someone had thrown a switch in my head. My former sense of normal energy returned instantly. I was amazed, elated, and puzzled. How could music heal CFS? What had been happening to me during those seven hours of listening? What was that instantaneous event that restored a normal level of energy to my whole body?

I was so focused on the changes I was observing in Daniel that I paid little attention to myself. However, there were clear signs that I had largely regained my health. Despite Daniel’s return to substance abuse, his first major psychotic break, and several hospitalizations that brought extreme stress into my life, my energy remained high for coping with these unusual, painful events. Although I probably did not regain full strength in muscles that had been wasting for eight years, and I was post-menopausal, my immune system functioned normally and I returned to editing and other activities with my former energy.

When I relapsed into CFS, as I did several times, I experienced an array of actions that revived my healing: laughter, singing, the triggering of a smoke alarm. I settled on singing and listening to music through ordinary headphones to keep my illness away. I had not had time to discover a link between Daniel’s dyslexia and my CFS before the onset of his schizophrenia. I most certainly did not connect my CFS to Daniel’s schizophrenia!

The health of the middle and inner ear is essential to normal behaviour. The spectrum of human behaviour, including so-called “mental” illnesses, is generated in the ear.

You can read about this new paradigm based on the neurological relationship between the ear and the brain in Listening for the Light, Hemispheric Integration and the Ears, Your Child’s Ears and Behaviour, and Ear Function in SSRI Withdrawal at

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